B&B King is a lovingly and passionately managed facility in Verona city centre.

A cozy, family-friendly atmosphere is the hallmark of this bed & breakfast, which offers spacious rooms and delicious breakfasts.

The bedrooms and common room

The room in Verona that will make your stay unforgettable is only a click away. Vacation like a king.

4 people accommodation with 2 double bedrooms.

3 people accommodation with possibility of adding 1 extra bed.

Stiloso divano e tavolino all'interno della sala comune. Si intravedono i tavolini apparecchiati dell'area colazione all'interno di questa sala open-space.

Cozy common room

Useful info


We kindly ask guests to inform us of their expected arrival time or to select the late Check-in service when booking.


Breakfast is served every morning between 8:30 and 11:00 AM. in the common room. Start your day off right with the aroma of Italian coffee and freshly baked bread.

We kindly ask guests to inform us in case of food allergies.

Alternatives for Parking

Do you need a safe parking spot? Fear not! The facility lacks private parking, but we have convenient solutions.

Easily pull up in front of the facility to unload your luggage. Once settled in, we will suggest the best parking areas around.

Travelling without a car? Even easier! All public transport leads to the King as all roads lead to Rome.


House rules

Things to do in Verona

Close-up of the buildings surrounding Piazza delle Erbe. The lovely balconies decorated with lush plants are illuminated by the morning light
Piazza Erbe, Verona

A great solution for short stays or multiple-day trips to discover a unique city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for the presence of countless Roman and Scaliger archaeological sites and its peculiar civic and state museums.

Close-up of the famous Juliet's Balcony.
Foto by Klemens Köpfle su Unsplash

Visit the locations that inspired one of the most renowned and passionate love stories of the famous English author and poet William Shakespeare, and lose yourself in the alleys of an evocative city on a human scale.

A couple sits on a bench in front of a vintage-style granite kiosk in the romantic gardens of Piazza Bra, Verona centre.
Foto by Ouael Ben Salah su Unsplash

Savour the culinary specialities of the Veneto tradition and the wines that have made the area’s vineyards so famous.

Make your stay unforgettable! Attend a concert or theatre performance under the stars on the bleachers of the Arena di Verona, or explore the beautiful historic villages on the shores of Lake Garda, the nature parks on the banks of the Adige and Mincio rivers, or the pristine rural landscapes of the Lessini Mountains.

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