House rules

Just like at home, we know you will treat everything with the utmost care. Accidents do happen and, like a good landlord, we will reach out to you to cover damages.

You chose a B&B instead of a Hotel.

This means, first and foremost, that you enjoy your independence and are prepared to respect the rules of making your stay – and that of others – as comfortable as possible. We will wait for you with open arms and give you the warmest possible welcome!


Check-in time is between 14.00 and 17.00. You may also arrive outside this time slot, only under prior arrangements by phone/email. If you can only arrive before 14:00, you can always leave your luggage in storage at the B&B.

When checking in, each guest must provide a valid identity document for registration purposes, as per current regulations. Your privacy is important to us: all information is used following current privacy laws.


Check-out must occur by 11.00, but no worries! You can still leave your luggage in storage and/or use the day room after Check-out time.

Room cleaning

La stanza viene pulita quotidianamente dalle 11.00 alle 13.00; nel caso in cui fosse occupata verrà pulita il giorno successivo.

Peaceful surroundings

It is essential to respect the rest of your neighbours and avoid disrupting behaviours that may disturb the other guests in the facility.

The Keys

With great keys comes great responsibility. The assigned keys are in the custody of the guests, who will ensure to keep them safe and protected. In the event of misplacement, a penalty of €50.00 will be charged.


Every morning you shall eat like a king. From 8.30 to 11.00 a.m. breakfast is every day in the day room for a sweet awakening.

The Kitchen

The day room and the kitchen are where your caloric dreams become reality. We kindly encourage you to enjoy your meals here, instead of in the bedroom; especially meals and drinks with a high risk of staining.


The facility does not host furry, feathered or scaly friends or other pets.


Please ask permission before inviting new friends into the B&B. As per national regulations, only registered guests can stay overnight.

Smoking area

Help us keep the air inside the B&B fresh and clean. Take advantage of the amazing outdoor courtyard reserved for the smoking area or the balcony in the room.

The Bedrooms

We love our style! Please leave the furniture in place and inside the rooms.


Our Grazielle bikes equipped with padlocks are available at the facility. Their availability is limited, so check with us. We know you’ll take care to return the bikes in the same condition as you received them, but in the event of damage or theft, we reserve the right to claim a repair fee or a €50 refund respectively.

We accept no liability for loss, accident, injury, medical expense or damage caused by personal negligence or other circumstances beyond our control.

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